PUNGA / Visual Consorcio

PUNGAS creative reputation continues to grow steadily and unabated. Founding partners Tomi and Patricio have formed a creative collective whose strength lies in its continuing versatility and relentless desire for the new.

Couple this with their fresh perspective, and quirky design… their huge potential as filmmakers is unquestionable.

Creative Director Tomi Dieguez’s relationship with animation & visual arts started about ten years ago. After studying Graphic Design and Film Direction, his first taste of design meeting commerce was as an Art Director for Ogilvy in Buenos Aires.

This led him to seek out the combination of both these worlds in more detail, creating with other like minded people, the artist collective “Doma”, one of the most innovative and revolutionary groups in Buenos Aires who were well known for their immersion in the street art world, bringing colour and life to the drab walls of Buenos Aires.

After a couple of years with Doma, Tomi decided to move on and follow his own path, forming PUNGA with Patricio Brusati. Chosen by MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, AXN and Animax to develop numerous channel packages.

He made a name for himself and their studio which is now recognized as one of the most innovative and creative Latin-American animation studios operating today. Now the International Advertising industry is PUNGAS next mountain to conquer.

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