PROYECTO / Venus x Tomás Garcia

At the beginning of 2018, Martín Huberman called me to be part of an exhibition curated by him. Eight rooms with eight different artists.

For 2 months I worked with complete freedom developing an Augmented Reality experience using a contemporary dancer, a mirror, motion capture, Unity3D, ARkit and iPads.

The result was Venus Effect, a 4-minute experience that follows an ‘augmented dancer’ and her augmented reflection inside a mirror. The room was setup so two different people could watch identical performances, each with their own iPad and mirror.

The Venus effect is a phenomenon in the psychology of perception, named after various paintings of Venus gazing into a mirror, such as Diego Velázquez’s Rokeby Venus, Titian’s Venus with a Mirror, and Veronese’s Venus with a Mirror. Viewers of such paintings assume that Venus is admiring her own reflection in the mirror; however, since the viewer sees her eyes in the mirror, Venus is actually looking at the reflection of the painter.

Created by Tomás García.
Choreography & Dance: Leticia Mazur
Music: Tomás Nóxico
Motion Capture: Mariano Mena
Film & Photography: Luca Paolino
Editing: Luca Paolino + Tomás García
Camera Assistant: Diego Velazquez Viard

Martín Huberman – Valentín Muro – Andrés Lutz – Jerónimo Costa – María Zanetti – Ale Paul – Chandon – Venue

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